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Anonymous asked: Pull yourself together? Did something happen? Well, I hope you're doing well or getting better. You keep saying it like you want me to ask you out. I know it's not what you mean. A crush can wonder though 😝

I don’t even know who you are…?
and yea, I got my first real, real heartbreak this year. 
I’m doing a whole lot better though. 

Anonymous asked: It's ok and I'm sure it would been a great thing. But, like I said it was just a crush and it still is. 😜 I hope everything works out with the marine.

He’s sweet and I really do like him. But the fact that he’s not here gives me time to pull myself together.  

You should’ve tried. I’m single, but I’m pretty much taken. We’re going REALLLLYYYY slow.

Anonymous asked: Crush crush crush I'm back 😎 lol

Too late, I’m through with love.

Gonna take my chances with a marine. I’ll have time to fix myself while he’s gone. It’s a growing friendship. Hey, you had your chance.